The PT Instructors at Brancepeth

The PT Instructors at Brancepeth Camp. Charley Curry of Wheatley Hill, a well known local boxer in pre-war days, is second from the right second row. Can anyone place any of the other faces? Photograph courtesy of Fed Bromilow. The advert at left below is from a 1946 DLI Regimental Journal, the highly amusing advert at right below is from a 1928 Regimental Review..

There is a WW2 Talk thread which features this photograph and much more information on Charley Curry, here.

The Wartime PT Instructors at Brancepeth Camp
Blue Star Ales Advert
Youngers 1928 Beer Advert

NEXT: Captain Derek Clarke, later 2 i/c of D Company 16 DLI, in the news at at Brancepeth, in early 1942.