Thornley St Godric's, an Old Postcard
Thornely St Godric's 2005

Thornley St Godric’s RC, Then and Now

The photograph above is taken from an old postcard. St Godric’s RC school relocated to this site between Thornley and Wheatley Hill in 1909. This fact was originally recorded on the stone plaque, just visible on the front left of the building. Unfortunately, and unforgivably, this plaque was destroyed when the school was rebuilt in the 1970s--note the two new windows in its place on the photograph below. Originally a child could spend his or her entire school career, from five-years-old to 14 or 15, at the school, steadily progressing from right to left, one class room and one or two years at a time! Until finally ariving in the ‘top class’. However, since 1969 the school has catered to infants and juniors only.

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