1968 St Godric's RC, Thornley

Photo taken in spring 1968. There are two class years combined here. All 37 pupils would then be nine or ten, that is born in either 1957-58 or 1958-59.

Back row: left to right: Mr McGarr, Kevin Quinn, Terry Atkin, Graeme Carter, Paul Bell, Stephen Raine, Gerard Bradley, Thomas Hagan, Terry Purvis, Gerard Darby, John Lennox.

Second row: Stephen Hagan, Peter Nuttall, Michael Carr, Susan Hildrew, Frances Spencer, ???first name? Penrose, Mary Erica Smith (headmaster Mr Smith's daughter), Lesley Ingram, Stephen Raine, John Barclay, Tom Tunney.

Front row: Karen? Dunn, Patricia and Pauline McDonnell, Elaine Cullen, Pat Wilson, Linda Hood, Alison Baron, Pauline Coles, Bernadette Walton, Janette Lennahan, Susan Dryden, Pauline Waistell.

Sitting on ground: Robert Frampton, Kevin Ord, Diddy David Carr and Philip Lennox.

Identifications by Tom Tunney and Graeme Carter, 2003, corrections Tom Hagan 2005

Mr McGarr’s Class, Thornley St Godric’s, RC 1968