Pte Ernie Rose 4462529
Durham Light Infantry
Captured in the desert, June 1942
Of Wheatley Hill
Stalag 4A in early 1945. German POW number 248671

Les Rowley
Royal Engineers
Captured in Tunisia in early 1943. Escaped from Camp 53, Italy at the Italian Armistice in September 1943 and eventually regained Allied lines in 1944 after hiding out for several months at an Italian mountain farm. Married my fatherís younger sister Katie after the war.

George Smith
Present in Camp 66, Italy in March 1943. Mentioned by name in a letter by my father: 'George Smith of Wheatley Hill'. Possibly 16th DLI. Escaped September 1943 with Les Rowley, also of Wheatley Hill and regained Allied lines 1944.

Humphrey Smith
A POW in the Far East. Further details requested.

Tom Smith
A Prisoner of the Japanese in the Far East (1998 newspaper item held by Wheatley Hill History Club). No other details as yet.

Gnr George Thompson 1679956
Royal Artillery, 1st Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, 7th Armoured Division, Eighth Army. Part of a Bofors light AA gun crew..
Enlisted from Wingate. Served in the Middle East from late 1940 and throughout the desert campaign. Captured on the Greek Island of Leros in November 1943 by German Parachute troops.
Stalag 4B POW Number 269724.
Lived in Wheatley Hill postwar.