Hubert Tunney, above and left, became a Petty Officer in the Royal Navy and was posted out to the Far East on salvage work, based for a time in Ceylon. Leo Tunney, above right, was in the RAF (the photograph has a 1942 Blackpool stamp on the reverse, so it is safe to assume he spent some time at the big Squire’s Gate base in Lancashire). I believe he later served in Far East--and took part in a VJ Day Parade in Australia, hopefully more details to follow. Tom Tunney (below left), is pictured while serving with the 16th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry in 1942. For more on this Battalion see my companion site at A cousin from Wheatley Hill, John Tunney (not pictured), was also in the Royal Navy and spent at least part of his service aboard the cruiser HMS Newcastle.
Pte Tom Tunney 1942


Three Brothers in Uniform 1939-45