William Tunney of Thornley and the Irish Guards

William Tunney of Thornley and the Irish Guards during his WW1 Service

My grandfather Hubertís younger brother Bill Tunney, pictured during his World War One service with the Irish Guards. WIlliam Tunney was born on 24th November 1894 at East Hetton, Co Durham. During the war his family was living in Wood Street, Thornley. The photograph above also features on page 126 of the excellent 2006 book

The Employees and Residents of Thornley, Ludworth and Wheatley Hill Their Contribution in The Great War

which can be obtained from The Wheatley Hill History Club (www.wheatley-hill.org.uk ). The book also lists William Tunney in the Absent Votersí List for the village (page 150), where his regimental number is noted as 12961 and his unit as the 5th Company, Irish Guards.

Bill emigrated to the USA during the General Strike of 1926. For more on this click here. Courtesy of Bill Tunney Jr.

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