Thornley Pit from the Bridge, 60s/70s

The View from the Thornley Railway Bridge in 1970 and a similar view in 2005
Thormlley Bridge View 2005

There isnít a single building left standing from the old early1970s view above on the photograph below, which was taken on a snowy winterís day in 2005. The railway line has been reclaimed and reshaped as farmland and the pit heap, which was reduced to a low mound, now has a partial covering of trees. The bridge itself was dismantled in the late 1970s, though the road from Wheatley Hill still has a pronounced Ďski jumpí look when approached from that side. New houses were built in the early 2000s to the right of the lower picture, the first since the demolition of this part of the village over five decades ago, though much perfectly good brown field land remains here, inexplicably wasted, while new buiding has took place on greenfield areas on the edge of the village, eg Durham Stables, Crossways Court and Youll Close. .

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