Horden Band and Many Shinwell MP, Shotton

Not quite a case of Lloyd George Knew My Father and My Father Knew Lloyd George, but close! This press photo was taken from a local paper in 1969-70. I think it was the Northern Echo, but a trawl through every issue for those years at the National Newspaper Library has proved fruitless. The bandsman are all from Horden Colliery Band and, as the caption indicates, the photograph was taken on a May Day at Shotton Colliery. The man with the trombone to the left of Shinwell, is my father, Tom Tunney. Manny Shinwell was Labour MP for the Easington constituency--which then included Thornley--for many years, between 1935 and 1970. Details on the other people featured most welcome.

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Manny Shinwell MP At Shotton Colliery