8 Coopers Terrace 1950s

8 Coopers Terrace, Thornley, A Childís Eye View from the 1950s

Taken on what looks like a very dry summerís day, this is the view from the Tunney household at 8 Cooperís Terrace, Thornley in the mid-50s. Notice the huge pit heap which can just be seen at the rear of the picture to the right, the neatly fenced gardens and the smoke from the chimneys of Theodore Cottage at the end of the street. The Coopers Terrace council prefabs were built just after the war on the site of a previous terrace of singe-storey houses. They were demolished in 1966-67 and their residents relocated to the new Gore Hill Estate, which for some reason yet to be explained, was built on a steep hill which was as far away as it was possible to be from the local shops! Cooperís Terrace was replaced by the Cooperís Close estate in 1970, which has since been mostly knocked down, too. For a similar view of Cooperís Close in 2005 click here. For two more pictures from the same 1950s garden click here.