St Bartholomew's Church 2005


The following large format photographs are up on the site at present. More to follow in due course:

Hubert Tunney 1890-1974 Photographs and Documents

Longstaff, Gair and Gray: Victorian and Edwardian Photographs from my mother’s side of the family

William Tunney of Thornley Colliery and the Irish Guards in his WW1 Uniform

Lighting Regulations for Colliery Houses, 1920

A View of the Pit in the 1920s

A 1926 Letter from the Thornley Miner’s Welfare Institute

A Thornley Tank Engine

Thornley St Godric’s RC Football Team 1931-32

Thornley St Godric’s RC Football Team 1932-33

Thornley St Godric’s, an Old Postcard View and Today

Thornley Band in the Pit Yard

The Railway Tavern and Ginger Dawson

Thornley Band in Uniform, Pre-War

Thornley Band in 1941

The Hilly, An Old Postcard View

The Hippodrome Theatre, An Old Postcard View

A Group of Wartime Workers at the Newton Aycliffe Munitions Factory, including my Grandmother, Violet Longstaff

Three Brothers in Uniform in World War Two: Hubert, Tom and Leo Tunney

A British Bandsman: Tom Tunney in 1946

Three Thornley Bandsmen outside the Rose Tree Tavern, Durham, early 1950s

Thornley Colliery Vesting Day, January 1st 1947

The Thornley War Memorial as it is Today

Looking Down Towards School Square, the Pit Heap and the Colliery Inn in the early 1950s.

Looking Down Towards the Colliery Inn, the Same View in 2005

Thornley Band, School Square and St Bartholomew’s Church in 1949.

A View of the School Square Site and St Bartholomew’s Church in 2005.

A Dinner Dance at Wheatley Hill, 1948-49

A Wedding in 1950, George Curry and Catherine Tunney

Thornley Band Marching in Hartlepool St, in the Early 1950s and a View of Hartlepool St in 2005

Hubert Tunney opens the new Miners’ Welfare Hall, 1953

8 Cooper’s Terrace, Thornley, a Child’s-Eye View (and a glimpse of the Pit Heap) in the mid-1950s

Cooper’s Terrace (as Cooper’s Close) in 2005

Two More Pictures from the Front Garden of 8
Cooper’s Terrace, in the mid-1950s

Remembrance Day at the Thornley War Memorial in the late-50s, and a similar view of the War Memorial in 2005

Thornley St Godric’s Mr McGarr’s Class 1968

Thornley, Views from the Pit Heap and the Railway Bridge

The view from the Railway Bridge circa 1970 and the same view in 2005

Manny Shinwell MP and Horden Band, 1970

The Wheatley Hill War Memorial in 2005

The Windmills of My Mine, June 2005

The Site of Theodore Cottage in 2005

The War Memorial and the John Scott Youll VC Memorial, Winter 2005

The Route of the Gassy Gutter, 2005

‘The Death of a Colliery’ A November 1969 article from The Sun Newspaper.

Charley Curry of Wheatley Hill, pictured during his WW2 service as a PT Instructor at Brancepeth Camp.

Gore Hall Farm, an Old Postward View and the same scene in 2006.

High Street, Thornley, in the early Fifties and 2006

Illustrated 1939-45 Rolls of Honour for Thornley, Ludworth and Wheatley Hill.

Illustrated 1939-45 Prisoner of War Listings for Thornley, Ludworth and Wheatley Hill.

Photographs and details of Other Servicemen from the Three Villages who served in World War Two.

The Old Church in Winter, 2005, Sadly No More.